Biodanza Education – online

21. February 2020 0 By Martin Matyus

Is that even possible?

Of course we can not do a classic online learning in Biodanza, that contradicts all principles of Biodanza. But we can share information and build a foundation for blended learning.

Biodanza Education is a tool for

  • Directors of Biodanza schools
  • Teaching trainers of Biodanza
  • Operators of Biodanza


  • Own training and further education
  • Imparting teaching content that is deepened and experienced in classroom units.
  • Teaching content that provides additional information after the classroom sessions and can help the students to gain more understanding and practice.
  • Targeted sharing of information, documents and files
  • Query of the acquired knowledge possible
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Supplementary or additional source of income for teachers
  • Free and chargeable offers


Already in the overview of the courses you can see whether they are free or with costs.

In the description (which can be viewed free of charge) you will find the objectives, the content and the respective lecturers, so that a decision for enrolment in a course or workshop is possible.

The respective lecturers can be contacted in case of questions.